AWANA Youth Ministries


Dinner for Awana and their families at 5:30pm
Classes begin at 6:15pm and end at 8:00pm

Awana is a fun filled childrens program for children and youth.  The night is filled with three segments, fun and exciting games, small group time, and an interactive large group segment. Awana teaches children that God is real, He loves them and He has expressed that love through His Son, Jesus Christ. Kids also learn how God can help them in their daily lives. Bible-based lessons teach them how to obey God in a complex world.

The goal of Awana is to give boys and girls the chance to know, love and serve God. While it's serious mission, we believe having fun in the process is a great tool for reaching young people. Since 1950, churches have used Awana to extend God's love to kids. It is a proven way for churches to impact their communities and train children for leadership.


Terry Bradley Dunn, Awana Ministry Director 





Sister Kathryn Lanier-Leal, Club Director
(Ages 2 - 3)
Sister Keonda Bridges, Club Director
(Grades K - 2)
Sister Sanquinetta Mattthews, Club Director

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Truth & Training
(Grades 3 - 6)
Sister Toni Ragin, Club Director
(Middle School)
Sister Courtney Brown, Club Director
(High School)
Sister Winters Hankins, Club Director
  awana games  
Sister Terry Bradley Dunn, Club Director



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