The Sentinel Ministry

Brother Robert "Rob" Barren

Provides a safe and secure environent for the church membership and guests

Biblical Basis
Nehemiah 4:6-19


The focus of the Sentinel Security Ministry is to improve the overall operations of the facility and to provide a safe, secure environment for the church’s sanctuary, campus, and activities.  To provide a safe environment for the membership and anyone who attends our church to worship and do the will of God.  To enhance and increase all security and safety measures as it may pertain to the protection of the church and its activities. 

In today’s modern society, although we have faith that God will guide and protect us, we must continue to recognize that we exist within a world that not everyone will always acknowledge His commandments, our Christianity, values, morals, ethics, and devotion to following God’s  will and direction.  The Sentinel Ministry of Watts Chapel has a presence in all Sunday Services; as well as throughout the week’s activities, i.e. Bible study, rehearsals, and all other activities by requests.


Sentinel Security Ministry meets the 1st Saturday at 8:30 am of each month or unless otherwise determined.